Explore our short safari Extension



1. Short trip Duration 40 mins to 1 hour
We start you off at the Bismarck rock where you will
Be given the brief history of mwanzas famous land
mark, and you will also have the opportunity to hike up
the rock. From there the tour continues to the fish
market where you will be able to experience the local
fish spot, which is the biggest market in mwanza.
The next spot will be a tour of Capri point where there
are a number of beautiful viewpoints where you can see
the entire city and from there we take you back to the
Bismarck rock where the tour ends.
2. Full day tour.
We start at the historic Bismarck rock, head down to the
fish market by boat and the set off to the German boma
where you will be given a brief history of the place and
get to sight see.
From there we proceed to Bagalema 1 , which is a
highland that has caves crocodiles, monitor lizards and
other fascinating wildlife.
From there we go to Bagalema 2 where you will hike
and be able to take pictures. You will also have a brief
20 minuite hike, where you will get to see aquatic birds.
Next stop is Karumo, which is a savannah, from there
lunch will be served at chamabanda, and for those that
wish to spend the night then they will be welcome to do
so, if not then we will proceed to juma highland for
fisherman activities and also visit local family

On the way back to Bismarck rock you will have an
opportunity to take sunset pictures.
3. Fishing 2-3 hours
We will go to the center of he lake for a few hours to
fish, but all fish that are small will be released back in to
the water, the other fish will be cooked for you back at
kanga café .
4. Camping
You will be taken to chama banda by boat where you
will set up camp and spend the night there enjoying
nature and you will also be able to go hiking.
5. Rubondo Island 2 hours
On this Island you will be able to go for a walking tour
as well as boat riding to view the hippos.
6. Saa nane Island
We will be taken to an island where they have zebras
and gazelle , you will have a picnic as well as explore the
entire island for the whole day and then head back to
the mainland
7. Town tour (walking and biking)
You will be able to go to the local market as well as the
masaai market for some shopping and site seeing.
Then at the end we will take you to bwiru just in time
for the sunset..
8. Bujora

Spend a few hours at this local museum, you will be
given a good briefing of the sukuma people and their
culture, as well as experience an enchanting sukuma
snake dance